If you believe that your small space can be transformed into an exorbitant spa like place, we’d like to consensus. Not everybody is born with a silver spoon, neither is everybody a Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg! But yes, with a few little considerations and design features, everybody can enjoy that extravagant luxury of the wet rooms these big shots have access to. Insight yourself into some best wet room ideas for a small space, below.

A Wet Room for a Small Space

A wet room, to begin with, is nothing but a bathroom where the showering area is merged into the rest of the bathroom, without a compartmentalization or a shower tray. Here are some wet room ideas for a small space that can make it feel big.

Have Sliding Doors: It is recommended to have sliding/pocket doors over their swinging cousins to make the area feel more spacious. 

Tight Fittings & Cabinets:Everything comes with a cost. If you want to make the wet area feel elaborate and roomy, keep the cabinets, vanity fixtures and all other furniture minimal and tight. Slim and smart fittings are now available to achieve the target. 

Choose Light Colors: Light colors for the wallpaper and upholstery can add more space to the small wet room. 

Mix and Match: Mix and match different materials into the interiors so that it becomes perfect for a modestly sized bathroom and at the same time it brightens the overall mood and feel. 

The Bare Minimum: Small spaces can also give you a feeling of space and accommodation when they are empty. So keep your bathroom essentials to the bare minimum. You can stock the rest in your dressing area. 

Hide the Cabinets: Hide the cabinets behind walls and paintings wherever possible. This would also enhance the space feeling feature of your small wet room.

Segregate: Segregate the toilet from the bath with a transparent film, curtain or glass. This would ensure that the smells do not fuse and you have a lovely aromatic bath. This also ensure for easy cleaning and maintenance where wet rooms are hosted in small spaces. 

Space Savers: Look for and install space savers wherever possible. Elegant hooks, fancy lights, slim yet ergonomic basins; all of this can easily make your small space look bigger. 

Mirror Matters: Well a time tested trick, large mirrors can add to the space, at least psychologically if not realistically! They can make things look majestic too. Waterproofing: Last but not the least, while traditional bathrooms can have separate areas that are waterproof, in a wet room for a small space, the entire closure must be waterproofed to prevent damage and infuse longevity.