Whether you are trying to build a smart home, or trying to save on an already tight budget, running your electric vehicle through solar power is a great go! It is a contemporary and smart choice that is also an appreciable effort towards achieving a sustainable environment. But the field is relatively new and unexampled at the moment. So how do you go about it? Read below to learn more on how electric vehicle owners discover more savings through solar.

Learn to Discover More Saving Through Solar, Run Your Electric Vehicles

Solar is a form of clean and green energy that more and more people, not only in Britain, but globally, are trying to count on. The reason? It is cheap – almost free!All you need to do is incorporate a few initial design elements when constructing your home/office, and you are all set for a lifetime of free charges to your vehicle. Know that even if the cold and chilled out weather, UK is a good place install solar panels because of its strategic placement where it gets almost 60% of the solar radiation found in the equator! Almost close to Germany, France or Spain!

Run Your Electric Vehicle on Solar PV

Solar PV’s in the UK, use light to generate electricity. Once you have the solar-powered charging station in place, you entitle yourself to a lifetime of free electricity. You can use it run electric vehicles, to use it in your home to run appliances and LED’s or any such thing for that matter, or you can sale it to eat a few extra bucks. Let us concentrate on how to use a solar-powered charging station to charge your electric vehicle and make some savings.

The Right EV&PV

You need to choose an EV, and dependent upon that, you must incorporate a battery system into your PV system, so that it can suffice your charging needs. The average miles that you drive per week must also be factored in when choose your PV system. So, this is a one-time cost, buying an EV and then installing a PV. 

The maintenance is very low cost, just needs an occasional brushing of the solar panels that is quick and immaculate. For an average Brit, a 5 hour direct daily sunlight is enough on a vehicle that needs about 26 kWh for every 100 miles to drive about 20 miles per day.If we compare a Hyundai IONIQ Electro Trend versus a Hyundai i30 1.4 T-GDI Trend DCT, the purchase price does not have a very huge gap. 
So as to build your own electric vehicle charging station in the house, you must consult industry experts who carry experience in this field. This would bring down long term costs and avoid unwanted mishaps. Also you can tap on possible subsidies and tax incentives with the help of professional consultation. On the whole solar can save you a lot on your travelling expenses, at the same time making you guiltfree by bringing down your carbon footprint!