The first question that strikes anybody when considering a conservatory in the rear space, most often is the roof design and structure! Whether you are going to use it for your personal sauna needs, or you’re going to house delicate plants in it, the roofing impacts the outcome.  Here we try to answer the most common 10 questions about a tiled conservatory roof in the most uncommon manner!

Q1. What impact will a tiled conservatory roof have on natural light, do I lose it completely?

The right answer is actually a bit what we cannot call “straight-forward”. You’ll need to have experts visit the design and map of the conservatory to make this out. Sometimes, even a completely tiled roof might not be able to stop natural light, while sometimes even a partial one could stop natural light close to complete. Depends upon the placement and positioning and sizing of windows, fixtures and the conservatory itself.

Q2. Will my conservatory always be dark with tiled roofs?

No, light reflective paint can be used. The paint reflects light on the inside of the roof, and that makes the conservatory even brighter. So contrary to make it darker, you can make it brighter with tiled roof.

Q3. Will a tiled roof not qualify as a conservatory and need planning permission?

A tiled roof would still qualify as a conservatory, and the same rules apply as a traditional conservatory. However, as far as planning permission goes, you must not hesitate to refer with some reliable guiding agency, prevention is better than cure after all!

Q4. Will a tiled roof make my conservatory more durable?

This totally depends upon the choice of tiles that you make for the roofing, compared to the choice of glass that you made for the roofing in a non-tiled conservatory. Both the constituents are available in different quality grades in the market.

Q5. Will a tiled roof make my conservatory more beautiful and attractive?

A glass conservatory is usually always more beautiful and attractive, but a conservatory with a tiled roof proves to be more convenient when you are looking to expand your personal space. Anyways, once again, this is more a question of personal choice and about your own preferences.

Q6. How is a tiled roof conservatory better than a typical glass one?

A tiled roof can function all year round. Different temperature and weather conditions would not render such a conservatory useless during any time of the year. Moreover, it would offer more privacy. Not everybody is comfortable working under the open sky!

Q7. Can I replace my conservatory roof to a tiled one myself?

Unless a trained professional, do not opt for this endeavour. It can be risky, time consuming, inefficient and faulty if you’re not an, well whom we do not call a novice!

Q8. Are there any serious drawbacks of a tiled roof in a conservatory?

Besides not imparting the wow feeling that a glass conservatory gives, a tiled conservatory is usually more expensive as it may require some extra batons for support.

Q9. Will tiled roofs remove the need of curtains?

No. If you needed curtains earlier, you will still need them.

Q10. Will tiled roof help in evading black mould?

No, black mould can still form in glass and window panes of the conservatory.