Gone are the days when homeowners used conservatories only as occasional garden spaces; they are now being used as year-around living rooms. But if your conservatory was built years ago, it probably is incapable of meeting your present-day requirements. Perhaps instead of offering you warmth during winter and a pleasant environment during summers, it leaves you sweltering during summers and freezing in the winter. If this is the case, you should upgrade its roof but how much will a replacement conservatory roof cost.

Not only will replacing your conservatory roof give you a better thermal efficiency, meaning you can start to use it all year round but it will also now enhance the curb appeal of upgrading your conservatory roof but a lot of people ask what are replacement conservatory roof cost.

When to consider a conservatory roof replacement

Many old conservatories have a lightweight polycarbonate roof with no proper foundations. As a result, many have proved to be short-lived structures. The conservatories that do survive for any length of time are often unused for the majority of the year, as a lot of people complain that they become like a furnace in the summer, and become freezing cold during the colder winter months.

Can all conservatories upgrade there roof

If you’re looking for ways to bring your old conservatory back to life, you might you might be thinking to yourself can I change my conservatory roof and upgrade it to a more modern glass roof or tiled roof to re-invigorate it. It maybe the most common case that you find it too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter.

So in most cases unless you have a rather weak old conservatory it is possible to change the roof but most companies will happily come out and give you options that could be available to you.

What are the different conservatory roof options

Polycarbonate – The cheapest option on the market, what you gain in the price you lose in durability and overall quality. it doesn’t matter what shape the conservatory is, the material can mould to fit it.

Glass – A glass conservatory roof is always a good option if you are looking on the amount natural light that you get coming into your conservatory especially if you like staring up at them night skies. The glass is insulated and they are normally self-cleaning so you are able to use the conservatory comfortably all year round.

Tiled –Transform polycarbonate or glass roofs into a structure that resembles an actual building and throws the conservatory look out of the window. They’re pretty convincing, although some buildings still maintain a large amount of glass on the walls of the building. Tiled roofs look professional and homely, and if you aren’t set on the traditional conservatory look, it’s a wise investment

How much does a conservatory roof cost

In the current economic climate on thing people worry about is how much financially will a conservatory roof cost me in my back pocket. Which is a question with several differnt possible answers as it will depend on the type of conservatory roof you are going to plan on potentially installing, what size your conservatory currently is what type of conservatory you currently have and finally any other extra  work that could possibly need to be carried out.

So considering all of that we have taken into account what national average prices tend to be, obviously certain parts of the country can be slightly more expensive, and the type of conservatory you currently have and the size of conservatory can also affect the price by pushing up or down, with a lean 2 conservatory being cheaper than a edwardian conservatory.

Polycarbonate Roof 3m x 3m, national average £6,300

Glass Roof 3m x 3m national average £9,450

Tiled Roof 4m x 4m £16,600

Do you need planning permission?

When you are looking to changing your conservatory roof, it normally depends on what you install to replace your existing conservatory roof with if you will need to get any planning permission .

As in most cases when you get a conservatory installed you can normally have done on the permitted development regulations. Which is still the same case if you decide to put on a glass roof or you go for polycarbonate roof as it stays under the exemption of still being considered as a conservatory.

Now when it comes to installing a tiled roof onto you existing conservatory the rules will fundamentally change. As the structure will no longer considered to be classified as a conservatory because of the change of style of roof and now be considered as a extension. So because of that change you will have to make sure it stands up to existing building regulations.

How long does it take to install

To install solid tiled roof you are going to be looking at a much longer installation time but you will still be looking in days. If you are looking to go in a different direction and are planning on installing a glass roof or maybe are considering sticking with a polycarbonate roofing system the time frame will be much shorter.

So, knowing the time scale of any new installation or structural project like you will have with a tiled roof or upgrading to a glass roof that your planning to undertake is absolutely key to a smooth transition.

The timescale can normally vary depending on the type of work you planning on getting done and if there will be implication of requiring to get any electrical work or plastering also done because of the installation.

So taking that all into account with a tiled conservatory roof you should easily be able to get it installed within a week with no problems. Where as with a glass roof or polycarbonate roof can normally be installed inside 1 to 2 days on average.

How long will a new roof last?

Polycarbonate Roof –  Like a lot of other conservatory roofs, if you give your polycarbonate roof the right treatment and regular maintenance. A polycarbonate roof can normally easily last on average in the region of 10 to 20 years. But like with many polycarbonate roofs there are no guarantees so it can be shorter as well as longer given regional weather conditions.

Glass Roof – If installed correctly, a glass roof can last 20 years, and often much longer. Glass roofs are one of the most popular choices for conservatories, as they let in lots of natural light. However, one major disadvantage is the general upkeep and maintenance.

Tiled Roof – When it comes to a solid conservatory roof with all the added expense and investment that you are going to be putting into your conservatory. I would expect that your going be hoping that life expectancy of your conservatory is going to be that much longer. So as long as you keep up all the appropriate maintenance that would be expected for a tiled roof you can expect it to last in the region of 50 years.

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