When you’re building a conservatory, roofing is the utmost decision that must have stringent undergoing. The reason is, first and foremost it is the most expensive component, almost the focal point of budget allocation. Next, it will disturb your routine housing for a few days, so a bit of hassle to be done and redone. Third, it is the one thing that will decide both the outside look and the inside feel of your conservatory. Therefore, the idea of roofing your place with the best conservatory roof systems is beyond question.

How to Find the Best Conservatory Roof Systems

Glass, polycarbonate and tiles remain all time favorites for conservatory roof systems. The average cost varies from £2,300 and £6,000 in 2021. You can use a mix of these materials, or a single one, dependent upon your choice and pocket. So be in your garden even in the summer, without being there, by choosing a conservatory rooftop judiciously. Low grade glass and cheap polycarbonates, however, must be a strict no-no always. 

Before we proceed to the pros and cons of each of this roofing type, we must not forget that no roof is also an option! 

  1. Glass Conservatory Roof Top: These are the best if you want to feel more natural and also want to keep it covered at the same time. Also useful if this is going to be an artist’s hub or a reader’s abode as it provides for a lot of natural lighting. On the downside, it is a bit tedious to keep the glass clean at all times and the visual amuse loses its charm after every rush of rain or storm. Next, it is a bit on the negative side in terms of budget or pocket friendliness. However, these are the best for panoramic views of the outside. Double glazing and self-cleaning glasses are good options if you can afford these.
  1. Polycarbonate Conservatory Roof Top:Now this one enjoys of being the most cost effective. Air gaps fill the layers of plastic sheets, and you can allow for some natural light in the design. They are robust, lasting about 20 years on an average and that too maintenance free. The only drawbacks are: their lack of visual appeal compared to glass or tiling, and they are not capable of energy efficiency or insulation.
  1. Tile Conservatory Roof Top:Now with this type, you can design your conservatory in a way to merge with the outdoors of the household, and make it look much larger and spacious. The thermal efficiency is commendable with tiled roofs and the insulation is also pretty acceptable. The negative aspect is it will filter most daylight.

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