Conservatory roof prices vary by the size, material, and style. Yes, we are familiar with this ideology already. However, what most of the readers wanted to know was what was the glass conservatory roof cost in 2021? So let us discuss the exact figures that are ongoing this year to make this piece useful.

Here are average prices that are prevalent as on the date of writing this piece.Other roof types have also been mentioned so that you can have a fresh re-thought into what type of conservatory roof you are looking for, and then we take only glass conservatory roof cost in 2021 from here on.

 MaterialsPrice per m2Cost for 3m x 5m RoofLifespan
Polycarbonate RoofPolycarbonate Panels with uPVC frames£205 – £300£3500 – £450010 years
Glass RoofGlass Panels with uPVC, aluminum, or timber frames£305 – £352£4575 – £528010 – 20 years
Solid Tiled RoofMetal, concrete, vinyl, slate, or clay tiles£445 – £650£6675 – £975020+ years

Remember that if you decide to replace the supporting beams and the supporting frames as well, the cost to the glass conservatory roof would increase accordingly.

Don’t opt for the lowest price

It has become very trendy these days to look on the internet, search for the lowest price and then hire those contractors. But please bear in mind that lowest is not usually the best when it comes to roofing with glass on your conservatory. If you are sure that glass is your option, you must also remember that it is most difficult of the fittings and requires maximum expertise. The slightest misalignment in the fitting, cutting or barbing, the roof shall be rendered useless, or a persistent pain in the neck kind of scenario. 

The glass installation will disrupt your housing for at least a few days if not more, but it will definitely impart a new life and feel to it. So, it is advisable to look for the best vendors, preferable if you can find some who are certified even if they charge a little more. Also look for reviews and credits that they receive from other customers in the past, that can help you decide while picking a vendor. 


In conclusion it would be right to note that glass roof conservatories are the most difficult to build, renovate or replace and the task must be done with utmost care. You might never want to repair or maintain more frequently than the usual. Use this link here and we shall be very happy to assist you in acquiring a few quotes from the best vendors. Conservatories are a beautiful and practical addition to your space, so choose them wisely and precisely!