Exploring uPVC casement windows' Cost & Benefits

In recent years, the UK has witnessed a significant demand for uPVC casement windows. As per industry reports, the market share of casement windows is expected to grow at a 15% CAGR from 2023-2030. The aesthetic appeal of the windows, enhanced energy efficiency, and superior ventilation are a few of the top reasons for this surge in demand. Homeowners find propositions like advanced technology and enhanced security features attractive for their homes.

Hence, if you’re looking for replacement windows that will pay off, uPVC casement windows are a good bet. You probably want to know how much uPVC windows cost, what they offer for your home, and how you can get the best deal in the market. We’ve covered it all here, so read this blog till the end!

A Glimpse into uPVC Windows Cost

A window installation in your home is a major decision and requires a handsome investment. It is, therefore, very crucial that you understand the costs of installing uPVC casement windows before a decision is taken. Before listing the costs of uPVC casement windows, you must understand the factors influencing the installation cost. Approximately 40% to 60% of the total cost is spent on materials like the frame, glazing, labor, installation, etc. 

Usually, the cost of uPVC windows per frame is between £300 and £400, depending on the size and other customization requirements. However, here is a detailed pricing table that gives you a glimpse into different types of uPVC window costs.


Material Type Casement Windows 

(Cost per window)

Sash Windows 

(Cost per window)

Tilt & Turn Windows

(Cost per window)

uPVC  £250 – £500  £500 – £1,000+ £400 – £600
Aliuminium  £400 – £700  Not as common in aluminium, but starting prices can be £1,000+ £550 – £800
Wooden £500 – £1,000+ £1,000 – £2,500+ Not as common, but similar pricing to casement windows


For example, upgrading to uPVC casement frames for a house with six windows can typically cost between £2,232 and £5,826.

Factors That Influence The uPVC Window Prices

Several factors influence the uPVC window prices. You must know about these factors if you want to upgrade your house with uPVC casement windows

Dimensions of the Window

The window size directly impacts the uPVC window cost. Usually, larger-sized windows cost more as they require more materials and reinforcements to support the design. 

Frame Quality

The quality of the uPVC frame will determine the cost. Premium-quality frames mean additional investment upfront, but you can be confident that it will support you for years. Thus, you can be sure that the frame is thermally insulated, weather-resistant, and durable. Top-quality frames have welded corners so that leaks can be prevented and will operate smoothly for a longer time. 

 The Opening Mechanism

If you want each window section to open, you might be required to pay extra costs due to additional production and installation efforts. 

Glazing Options

Casement windows can be double-glazed or triple-glazed. Double-glazing makes the windows energy-efficient, while double-glazing is an excellent way to increase the insulation of the place. Triple-glazing is costlier than double-glazing. Another element that adds to the cost is the gap between the panes and if the gaps are filled with Argon gas, which is an excellent insulator. 

Color Choices

The most popular color choice for uPVC casement windows is white color. Other than this, there are other colors and finishes too. For example, if you are keen on wood effects, the cost can be higher for their premium appearance. 

Key Features & Benefits of uPVC Casement Windows

One of the much-loved features of casement windows and frames is that these come in different material types, ranging from vinyl, steel, wood, and aluminium. The flexibility in choosing the right material for your home and added functionalities, like hinged and swinging glass panes, further increase their popularity. 

Additionally, these are easy to maintain compared to bay or bow windows. Consequently, almost 50% of all UK window installations are currently related to uPVC casement windows

Here are some of the key features and benefits of uPVC casement windows.

Aesthetic Look

uPVC casement windows are available in various colors and finishes to complement different home decor and themes. Different colors inside and outside are also available, making it a versatile choice.


uPVC casement windows offer excellent thermal insulation that helps lower heating costs during the cold season. Due to poor heat conduction, uPVC is a much better material than wood or metal.

Low Maintenance 

uPVC is made from top-quality material that requires minimal upkeep. uPVC is resistant to ultraviolet degradation and is easy to maintain with occasional cleaning. Lubrication of movable window parts is necessary. 


Unlike wood or aluminium, uPVC frames are durable and resist warping and distortion, . These windows have toughened safety glass and have locking mechanisms for added security.

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