You must be familiar with the phrase “Home Sweet Home”. But what makes the home “sweet”? Is it the people who inhabit it or the decorations you have added to the house? Or is it a combination of both? 
It is likely a combination of both. The memories you make in the home with your loved ones add to the sweetness of the home. The decor is merely there to provide a backdrop for the events in your life that will become memories. A garden that provides the best environment for memorable moments is a great addition to any home. The garden in your home can be a place of peace and relaxation and, at times, a place for social gatherings.
So, garden landscaping is key while planning your new house or redecorating your old one. You can do it yourself or hire a local landscape gardeners to do it for you. Whichever you choose, the outcome will be heavily reliant on your planning and creativity. 
The garden would reflect your sense of style and personal aesthetics. Even your hired landscape gardener will only provide suggestions as per his expertise. But, the outcome would be determined by your vision. Modern landscapers use gravel, slate, other decorative aggregates, or a combination. 
In this article, you will find a guide on using slate to dress your garden landscape.

Create sharp-looking patios with slate flooring.

Consider adding a patio or a pavilion for seating your guest in your garden. By adding slate tiles, you can build it as a separate space, with a distinct contrast from the garden’s greenery. The grey texture of the slate would highlight the vibrancy of your garden through its striking contrast. 
The space can be fitted with a small table and a few chairs to make it perfect for spending those lazy evenings in comfort. Since you might use this area for eating, you should take precautions against oil stains on the slate tiles. You should invest in a sealant like the Picseal Slate Sealer, which can resist most stains, including oil stains.

Create Garden Walkways

Garden landscaping in Essex will almost always include a walkway through the natural terrain. While most of these walkways are made from granite, slate is more popular now. Slate is equally dense and durable as granite but easier to cut. 
Since most people prefer a winding walkway over a straight one, a slate’s unique build is ideal. Furthermore, if the walkway is laid around the house and the garden, it can complement most house colours.

Create boundaries with slate slabs.

You can add large format stone slabs around the garden either in a uniform pattern or a random one to accentuate your garden. You can arrange them to create a labyrinth or your stone henge. The slabs are also available with inscriptions or carvings. These slabs can help tell your story or reflect your personality.

Create planting zones with slate chippings.

Slate chippings are the product of recycling. Hence, slate chippings are a good way of decorating a garden in an environmentally-friendly way. Furthermore, slate chipping offers a low-cost, low-maintenance approach to garden landscaping. 
You can lay down slate chippings in a format of your choice. Then add plants alongside the chippings, using them as borders. You can use uniform-sized or uneven chippings based on your desired effect. Adding an angular-shaped slate can achieve a flat effect that pairs well with planters.

Benefits of using slate for garden landscape dressing

After having a guide to use slate for dressing your garden landscape, it’s time to learn some benefits of using it.

Stain and water damage resistance

Most landscaping elements fail to resist the damage occurred by water or any stain. If you are making your patio in a few weeks, a tint of red wine or hot coffee in the landscape can create a headache.

Therefore, slates can prevent stains and any water damage on the patio. Having impervious nature, slates ensure that it doesn’t absorb spillages. Moreover, wet weather or other characteristics cannot harm the landscape made from slate.

Provides a different colour range

Slates come in different colours, which make a massive look on your patio. You can match it with several colours to enhance the glow of the path. For instance, if you want to use slate on the front stoop of your residence, you may use blue and white compared to your surroundings.

Moreover, when you use slates coloured grey or silver, it gives your patio an authentic look which suits the sophistication of your house. However, owing to oxidation, stales may change their colour. But it happens after an extended period, so you need not worry about it.

Get the maximum longevity

As the technical formation of slates is a matter of longtime durability, it gives you maximum longevity on your patio. You must choose the proper thickness while choosing slates for your garden landscaping. The harder you buy, the longer you enjoy.

Another key to getting the longevity of a slate patio in your garden is the proper way of installation. You may need some help if the gaps are not correctly filled. Therefore, you better consult with expert landscape gardeners to get maximum convenience.

Provide you non-slippery surface

People often ask landscapers what element suits the garden most to get a non-slippery surface. Therefore, the first choice to get the facility should be slate. Slates are natural stones with a soft river texture, so they provide a non-slippery garden landscape. Moreover, it is safe from moisture and wintery coldness.

Therefore, you must look after the sealing material and method for a more convenient surface. Then, you can consult with a professional garden landscaper to get the most satisfying result. After all, you only want a perfect furnished garden landscape that suits your colourful and bright flowers.


To achieve the desired look for your garden landscape, you can rely on your local landscape gardeners. But also do your research and plan the look for your garden yourself. You can use the ideas provided in this article as a starting point for your boundless creativity.