Re-Roof Conservatory Cost

Conservatories are amazing. They bring the outside in, providing panoramic views of the changing seasons and illuminating your interior space with natural daylight. If you are among the fortunate few who have a conservatory installed in their home. You will want to keep it in good condition. If your conservatory roof is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. A roof replacement may be necessary. It can dramatically improve your conservatory’s appearance and make a significant difference in the room’s insulation, keeping heat out in the summer and retaining it in the winter. But how much does it cost to re-roof a conservatory in the UK? Let’s find out…

The Average Conservatory Roof Replacement Cost

Average conservatory roof replacement costs in the UK range from £2,250 to £7,000. However, it is wise to earmark at least £4,625 for the project. While there is a sizable initial investment required. A roof replacement is undoubtedly far less expensive than replacing the entire conservatory. Furthermore, new conservatory roofs made of more substantial materials can save you about £200 a year on utility bills.
Although the average cost of a conservatory roof replacement in the UK is £4,625. The final cost of your roof replacement project will depend on various factors. You might be able to get a new roof installed for a little less than $4,625, or you might be quoted a lot more than that. It all depends on the type of roof, the size of the conservatory, the materials used. And the bespoke options you choose for the roof replacement.

Conservatory Roof Materials

● A new smaller polycarbonate conservatory roof (3000mm x 3500mm) typically costs between £2,355 and £2,705. You could end up paying between £4,345 and £5,005 for a medium-sized roof (4000mm x 4000mm), and a larger roof (5000mm x 5000mm) may cost between £4,480 and £5,120.
● On average, a smaller glass conservatory roof (3000mm x 3500mm) costs between £2,610 and £3,175. You could spend between £4,740 and £5,345 for a medium-sized roof (4000mm x 4000mm) and £4,875 and £5,570 for a larger one (5000mm x 5000mm).
● A smaller tiled conservatory roof (below 4000mm x 4000mm) will cost about £4000 on average. You may have to shell out about £6000 for a larger conservatory roof.

Conservatory Roof Styles

● A replacement roof for a small lean-to conservatory (3000mm x 3500mm) could cost between £2,355 and £2,705. A roof up to 3500mm x 3500mm can cost between £2,505 and £3,180.
● A small Victorian conservatory (4000mm x 4000mm) could cost anything between £4,345 and £5,005. A larger size (4500mm x 4500mm) would cost more, with prices ranging from £4,590 to £5,345.
● The average price for an Edwardian conservatory roof ranges from £4,480 to £5,120 for a roof up to 4000mm x 4000mm and £5,035 to £5,690 for a roof up to 4500mm x 4500mm.
It is worth noting that these prices are a rough estimate, and they can vary significantly depending on where you live. For example, prices in and around London are always 10% to 20% higher, so bear that in mind if you live in this area. Planning permission, which currently costs about £450, may also need to be considered. Speak to a professional conservatory installer near you for a more accurate cost estimate. Contact us to get more information