There’s little doubt that summer is here now, and if you’re still in lockdown then no doubt the conservatory has been a lifesaver providing somewhere to escape to from the homeschooling or a house full of family. Simply being able to sit in some shade with the doors open and a summer breeze blowing through can ease the mind.

But even on the hottest days, it can start to get unbearable at home, and keeping cool while working from home can be difficult. We wanted to share some tips on how to keep the conservatory cool during the summer heat.

1. Blinds

Not only do they add a pleasing aesthetic to the conservatory, but they are practical too. Adjusting the blinds to create more shade will significantly lower the temperature.

2. Air conditioning

Air conditioners are not one of the cheapest solutions, as they cost from £400 to £1,000, but if you’re considering the option, look for one that has dual functions, so it can heat your conservatory in winter.

3. Choose soft, light furnishings

The right furnishings for the conservatory can be a key factor in keeping the conservatory cool. The use of white and pastel shades on the walls, with soft and light fabrics for the furniture, will help the conservatory feel airy and fresh.

4. Increase ventilation

It might sound obvious, but opening the windows and doors will help to increase the air circulation around the conservatory and keep it cool.

You might also want to consider the roof. If your conservatory has already been built, then a ceiling fan, vents or a skylight could all be effective ways of keeping your conservatory cool.

Replacing the roof entirely may well be the best way to keep a conservatory cool in the summer. Stylish glazed roofs not only look incredible but open up your space, making it seem larger and brighter.

If you need a conservatory roof replacement company in Hampshire, then get in touch!