How Much Would It Cost to Double-Glaze a 3-Bedroom House?

Home improvement is a huge project. You need to consider innumerable aspects to evaluate the actual cost.  As part of home improvement, double-glazing also comes at specific price points However, as it depends on different factors, the cost of double-glazing a 3-bed house in the UK can vary depending on how big the house is, what kind of personalisation you want, the frame materials, and the installation requirements. It also depends on the house’s type, size, and number of windows. 

Continue reading as we answer your specific query related to double-glazing costs. Choosing the right home improvement company for double-glazing may be a bit daunting. You can now compare the prices and services of different UK home improvement companies with Smart Home Improvement People and make an informed decision.

Double-Glazing & Its Benefits

Double-glazed windows features two glass panes separated by a gas-filled gap. The primary benefit of double-glazing is insulation from heat, cold, and noise. Homeowners in the UK often choose to double-glaze their homes as it enhances the visual appeal of the place. The market value of the home also witnesses an increase with double-glazing. Security is another crucial reason why this form of home improvement is preferred by many in the country.

What is the Cost of Double-Glazing a 3-bed House in the UK?

As mentioned above, the cost of window double-glazing depends on various factors such as –

  • The size of the house – The bigger the house, the higher the costs associated with double-glazing.
  • The number of windowsThe more windows there are, the higher the costs. 
  • Window types, sizes, and styles – Simpler styles will cost less vis-a-vis complex designs. Larger windows will attract higher double-glazing costs as compared to smaller ones.
  • Choice of frame materialsDifferent kinds of materials, such as wood, aluminium, or uPVC, are available at different price points. 
  • Specific installation requirements – This involves the homeowner’s different personalisation needs, for example, installing security locks, different colour options, or decorative features. 
  • Different types of glass – Types like acoustic, self-cleaning, or Low-E glass come at different prices with different benefits.
  • Installation Methods – The installation method impacts the glazing costs. The more complex the work, the higher the costs. Professional installations cost more, but the work is done seamlessly. DIY work may cost less but could be beginner’s work, so it can cost more in the long run.

As per rough estimates, the double-glazing costs of a three-bedroom house in the UK can range between £3,000 and £5,000. This applies to basic uPVC windows. The cost could go up to £5,000 for high-end choices.

If a 3-bedroom house has up to eight windows and two doors, double-glazing costs can lie between £8,000 to £12,000. The higher the number of windows and doors, the higher the costs.

Window Frame Styles Can Affect the Average Double-Glazing Cost

  •  Casement Windows

These windows open outwards and are fixed on hinges. These are more like doors. Attached to the window frame with the help of hinges on either side, these are opened and closed using handles. These are easy to use and, when open, provide ample ventilation. The cost of an uPVC casement window could range from  £600 to £1,800 per window. It could vary in size, number of windows, glazing design, and more.

  • Tilt & Turn Windows

These windows tilt from the top to open inwards as well as swing inwards, resembling a door. These are versatile and practical, providing ample ventilation and fresh air. This type is quite popular in high-rise buildings and modern homes. The double-glazing cost of tilt and turn is at least ¼ times higher than casement windows.

  • Bay & Bow Windows

These windows give a distinctive look to a building as they protrude from the wall. Bow windows have four or more smaller curved or angled windows in a semi-circular shape. Bay windows have three or more windows that are joined to give a bay shape. Bay & bow windows light up the rooms dramatically and also enhance the aesthetics of the place. Double-glazing these windows is the costliest as the cost can be almost 3/2 times that of double-glazing casement windows.

  • Sash Windows

These window types have movable vertical panels that can slide past one another. The windows are mostly made of wood and give a classic look to the building. Double-glazing sash windows can cost ½ more than casement windows. 


Double-Glazing Types

  • uPVC: This is a low-cost opinion of double-glazing. It is durable, energy-efficient, customisable, and cheaper than wooden frames. It does not just look good but is also highly secure and has low-maintenance requirements.
  • Aluminium: This is a good choice for commercial and residential buildings. They are durable and have a sleek appearance. Although they cost more than uPVC windows.  
  • Timber: This is an eco-friendly option and looks awesome in period-style homes. There’s a lot of warmth and natural beauty in the place. This option is quite expensive.

Benefits of Double-Glazing for a 3-Bedroom House

  • Double-glazing helps reduce noise by almost 50%.
  • It can help reduce energy bills; it retains heat during winter and prevents the place from overheating in the hot season.
  • Prevents condensation, mildew growth, and mould formation on windows.
  • It looks aesthetically beautiful, smart, and sleek. It can help improve the value of the property in the market. 
  • The security of your home can be enhanced with double-glazed windows and doors. They can also provide a tamper-proof barrier against intruders.

Bonus Tip: Compare the Quotes Before Finalising Any Home Improvement Provider in the UK!

The rates mentioned here are ballpark figures and are subject to vary depending on different factors like the location of the house, complexity of the installation, glass quality, and other features. Rates existing in the current market conditions and inflation can also impact the costs. 

To get the exact idea of the cost of double-glazing a 3-bed house in the UK, you must contact reputed home improvement companies specializing in double-glazing. Generally, they will inspect the property, understand your specific needs, and then offer a quote. 

The best and easiest thing you can do is use Smart Home Improvement People, which allows you to compare quotes from leading companies in your area and choose the best one for your project.

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