uPVC doors are known for being the strongest and most popular doors in the UK. Not only are they resistant to adverse weather conditions, but they are also strong enough to bear your aggressive door slams. They are also easy to maintain, and a quick wash keeps them looking as good as new. You might expect them to be expensive with all these benefits. But how much does a uPVC door cost? Continue reading to find out.

Average costs

uPVC doors provide the best value for your money when comparing them with wooden, aluminium, and composite doors. And their average price list ranges between £250-£380. The cost of the uPVC doors may vary based on the following factors:
● Colour: Though white is the standard colour for all uPVC doors, there is a wide range of colour choices. There are even choices of wood imitation available such as Golden Oak and Rosewood. If you go for these additions, you may be adding up to £150 to your final door price.
● Glass: The price may further increase by £50 if you choose a tinted or decorative glass.
● Door grids: You might want to add a Georgian or other decorative grid to your basic uPVC door, but it will push the prices towards the higher end of the scale.
● Accessories: You might need additional accessories which will add to the total price of the door. For example, letter-plates cost an extra £10-£20, Knockers cost an extra £15, Spyhole cost an extra £10 and Custom Sills cost an extra £10.
● Insulation: Your door may need additional insulation, but it will increase the cost further by £20. Warm edge spacer bars can also add £10 and sealing tapes up to £5 to the final cost of your uPVC door.

Going for a double glazed uPVC front door?

Double glazed front doors are made up of two glass layers and are preferred as they provide additional benefits. They offer better insulation than the traditionally glazed doors and reduce the amount of heat transfer from your house to the cold outer air. Increased security and efficient noise reduction are other common benefits of double glazed doors.
All these advantages make these doors a little pricey. While the double glazed uPVC doors are typically priced between £275-£400, if you add triple glazed windows, expect the price to increase by £20+.

Labour charges

Fitting a uPVC door is a two-person job, and in most cases, the labour charged is for a full day. The typical rate for a carpenter is £150 per day and for a labourer is £100 per day. The carpenters are also responsible for the removal and disposal of your existing door.
Whether planning to transition from old conventional doors to uPVC doors or want to use uPVC doors for your new house that is still under construction, this guide would have given you the precise answers to all your uPVC-related questions.

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