Bi-fold doors are the latest “big thing” among UK homeowners looking to finish, renovate or remodel an interior space. Available in just about any design, this set of panels with two or more hinged sections that usually fold in pairs (hence the name, bi-fold) offers many benefits. Bi-fold doors can help you merge your garden into your living space and flood your home with natural, warm light. They are also very easy to use and come with fuss-free maintenance. But how much does a bi-fold door cost?

But how much does a bi-fold door cost?

If you are planning to install bi-fold doors in your home, you must be wondering how much does a bi-fold door cost? 

The cost of bi-fold doors depends on the following factors:

  • Construction material
  • Size of panels and door frame
  • Whether it is framed or frameless

Though these are the key factors that will determine the final price, the average cost to buy a set of a small bi-fold door is around £2,500 to £3,000. Expect to shell out over £7,000 for a larger door.

Types of bi-fold doors 

1. uPVC bi-fold doors 

If you are looking for a more affordable option, you can choose a bi-fold door from the uPVC range. Again, prices will vary depending on the style, but they start from £1,500 (excluding glass, fittings, and installation). While it might be okay to have contemporary uPVC bi-fold doors installed if you have modern home architecture, if your home has more classic styling, this might not be an ideal choice for you.    

2. Aluminium bi-fold doors  

Aluminium bi-fold doors are pretty strong and come with narrower panel frames. This gives more light and a better view of the outside. Aluminium bi-fold doors are highly durable and do not discolour, warp, rust, or require painting. An occasional splash of oil on the runners and hinges, along with a regular wash down with clean water, is enough to make them look as good as brand new. They are also fully recyclable and reusable. A basic aluminium frame cost would be around £3,000 (excluding glass, fittings, and installation.)

3. Natural wood bi-fold doors 

These doors are almost as expensive as aluminium doors, and a typical frame would cost around £3,000 (excluding glass, installation and fittings). However, the price can rise to about £5,000 for composite timber. Natural wood bi-fold doors are not ideal because when exposed to extreme weather, they swell and warp. So, while wood may be a fine choice for single doors, they are not great for bi-fold doors.

Well, there you have it: These are the options that you can choose from when shopping for bi-fold doors in the UK, along with a general idea of how much each one costs. 

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