There’s no denying that bay windows are visually appealing additions to any house. They improve the aesthetics and value of any property, and they offer a timeless design that works well with most modern and period homes.

You’re likely reading this page because you’re thinking of getting new bay windows for your house. Perhaps you have existing bay windows in desperate need of replacement or simply want to upgrade to another bay window style.

One question that will undoubtedly be at the forefront of your mind is, how much do bay windows cost to replace?

Average Costs

As you can appreciate, there is no fixed price for replacement windows in the UK. But, if you’re looking for average costs, here’s what you can expect to pay for replacement bay windows installed at your home:

Different Style Replacement Bay Window Costs

The average cost for installing UPVC bay windows in the UK is approximately £1,200 for a three-section example. If you opt for a four-section bay window, the price goes up to £1,650; meanwhile, a five-section bay window is £2,150.

Same Style Replacement Bay Window Costs

Do you already have bay windows at your house? If so, you might be wondering how much it might cost to have your existing bay windows removed and new ones fitted in their place. The average cost for replacement bay windows is approximately £2,000 per window.

Factors That Influence Bay Window Costs

It’s challenging to gauge an exact price for getting new bay windows as the cost gets influenced by various factors. Take a look at what some of the top influential factors are for replacement bay windows:

Existing Windows

One of the reasons your bay windows might be cheaper or dearer to replace is down to the type of windows you have at the moment. For example, it could cost more to upgrade from three-section bay windows to four-section ones.


Another factor that influences the cost is the style of bay window you choose. As you can imagine, there are many popular styles and colours available, and some choice combinations could cost more than others, while others can be cheaper.

Remedial Work

Before you get new windows, the company doing the work will survey your existing window installations. You may need to have some remedial work carried out before the new windows can get installed, increasing the cost.


It’s no secret that windows aren’t cheap to buy. However, they are essential items for all houses! Some installers may offer you a discount if you purchase more than one window from them.


Lastly, the area where you live can influence the price you pay. For example, it can cost more to replace your bay windows if you live in a remote location than a similar house in a nearby town or city.

Final Thoughts

Homeowners have many options and combinations of choices when selecting new bay windows for their properties. It’s worth bearing the above information in mind when getting quotes for new bay windows. For more help do not hesitate to contact us