An Edwardian is the choice most often when you are looking for some serious space management. emanating in contrast to the Victorian conservatory design, these rectangular floor spaces are a great mix of the style and tradition. Natural light is a fundamental component of the Edwardian Conservatory; let us check out the Edwardian conservatory prices and affordability for this option.

Edwardian Conservatorys Prices and Cost

Initially, an Edwardian Conservatory was usually free of the fussy ornamentals and aesthetics carried by its Victorian counterparts. However, as time is progressing, the Edwardian Conservatory is also undergoing delicate intricacies to design. Consequently, the exact price and cost would be heavily dependent on this factor — the more you glorify, the higherthe price. Nevertheless, even after additions and beautification, the price is still affordable and basic compared to other styles. 

  1. Ground Area: An Edwardian Conservatory is celebrated to make use of the ground area in the best possible manner. And, in the right perspective, area saved in money saved. So, this price must definitely be discounted from the overall price of the inventory. 
  2. Pitched Roof: This is another factor, that affects the pricing of an Edwardian Conservatory indirectly. With a pitched roof for an Edwardian Conservatory, which is the style that accompanies it, you can take it as high or as leaned as you want, and the result is a bigger conservatory. So isn’t space an important cost additive if not tackled this way! And thus, an indirect discount in pricing for an Edwardian Conservatory.
  3. Build type: Next is a direct cost, the build type. Whether you want a standard fully glazed conservatory, or a dwarf partially glazed, color, glass type, safety features, visual effects;there are a host of designs to choose from, the material you want to deploy and other such variables. And all of this are itemized costs that eventually add up to the final cost of the Edwardian Conservatory.

Table below shows a rough guess as to what an Edwardian Conservatory prices in the present era. This is not an exact price or cost for the Edwardian Conservatory, just the closest estimate of the most basic version. You can use it as a reference if this is your first time getting an inventory built. 

 Conservatory Size (mm)Roof MaterialGuide Price
3500 x 3500Polycarbonate£9,000 – £10,500
3500 x 3500Glass£9,500 – £11,000
3500 x 4000Polycarbonate£11,500 – £12,500
3500 x 4000Glass£12,000 – £13,500
4000 x 4000Polycarbonate£13,500 – £15,000
4000 x 4000Glass£14,500 – £16,000

There are many online companies which are authentic and credible, and those would give you free estimates based on your own requirements of the Edwardian Conservatory that you are making. So what are you waiting for? Our initial consultation is free.