Most of us would have faced an annoying localised power cut or a short circuit. Faults like these require diagnosis and treatment by a professional electrician. We all know that electrical works can be dangerous Which is why it is always recommended that you try not to fix any electrical problems on your own and call in an expert instead. Professional electricians have the experience, expertise and equipment to solve the problem safely and permanently. But how much do you have to pay an electrician? We hope this price guide will answer this question of average hourly rate of an electrician.

What are the average hourly rate of an electrician in the UK?

A typical electrician can charge around £40 per hr or more. And their one-day rate is somewhere between £200 and £250. Electricians also charge a call-out fee which is a higher rate for the first hour. Plus, if you have an emergency that requires an electrician’s immediate attention. Then get ready to pay as much as £80 per hr or more for the call-out. Keep in mind that if you live somewhere in London or anywhere in South East England. You have to pay anywhere between 15% and 20% more to hire an electrician! 

There are many factors upon which the price of electrical work depends. These include:

  • Your location in the UK
  • The nature of the job—is it an emergency or general electrical work?
  • The amount of time the electrical work will take
  • The amount of material used to fix the issue 
  • Call-out fees and emergency costs

Though all electricians in the UK have a standard day rate. They can also add other fees in their quote. These may include:

Call-out fees

Apart from the work they do on the site, electricians also cover their transports and other overheads. Think about it: if you called in a professional electrician near you for a minor 10-minute job—say, replacing your kettle’s plug—would you pay them for those 10 minutes only? Some electricians have call-out fees built into their quote to deal with similar situations.

Emergency call-out fees

In some cases, electrical glitches can cost lives. And if a UK homeowner does not know how to vacate the place, the electricians have to rush to the site. Such emergencies can happen at any time of the day and year. An electrician, of course, charges much more to deal with emergencies. The emergency call-out fee is at the discretion of the electrician called. And is usually up to 2.5 to 3 times the standard rate.  

Though most modern homes in the UK have electricity supplies to power electrical appliances. There are issues wherein you just cannot do without a skilled electrician. We hope this guide would have given you a fair idea of the hourly charges of the electricians in the UK.

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