3 Challenges to Creating a Bespoke Garden and How to Overcome Them

Growing plants, whether vegetables or flora, is a wonderful thing. After all, nature offers so many benefits to one’s mental and physical health. The flowers you grow can relax you and spending time in your garden can have a calming and rejuvenating effect. If you’re growing vegetables, then your harvest will surely grace your dining table and nourish your body.

Gardening is not without its challenges, however. While it is worth doing, you must also be prepared for the difficulties. Only then can you grow your garden successfully and obtain maximum benefits from it. 

Here are some of the top challenges every gardener must face and how to overcome them.

Poor Quality Soil

Plants need good soil to flourish, but not all garden plots are created equal. You might end up with soil that doesn’t contain enough nutrients. Some areas can be more sandy or rocky, which limits what you can grow. Soil that easily dries or is prone to getting waterlogged is not good either. So, before you make final decisions on your garden design and layout, you must really have a better understanding of the soil you’re dealing with.

To solve the problem of poor quality soil, you have to build it out. Do a soil test to determine which nutrients are lacking and what the pH rating is. The growth of certain plants will be hampered or aided depending on how acidic the area is. Look into composting and vermiculture as well. Alternatively, you can create raised garden beds and fill them up with store-bought fertile soil.

By having thorough knowledge of the kind of soil you are dealing with, the more you’ll be able to build a successful garden.

Tenacious Weeds

Every gardener will come across the problem of weeds. They leech the nutrients from the soil away from your plants, causing them to not grow well or even die out. 

To curb this headache, be prepared to pull weeds from your garden every day. Be vigilant and do not let them grow long and wild. Pulling them out while still young is the best approach as this will minimize the damage to your plants. If the weeds have grown too long, then they can damage your plants’ root system when pulled out. Also, they can harbor damaging insects. So get rid of weeds as soon as you see them!

Harmful Critters

Another big problem when gardening is the appearance of harmful critters, which includes insects and bigger animals that nibble the plants or burrow around the garden. Snails, rabbits, deer, squirrels, and some birds can be a huge problem for your garden.

Fortunately, there are now many products to help gardeners combat these creatures without harming them. Putting up fences can keep away big animals such as deer and rabbits. Other experienced gardeners and farmers recommend planting plants and herbs that can keep away harmful creatures.

For example, planting blackberries around the perimeter of your garden can serve as natural and effective fencing. Garlic and onion can repel rodents. Mint and chives can help with that, too. Other people even spread rotten eggs around some hot spots in their plots to drive those plant nibblers away.

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Make sure to take these three big challenges into consideration before you start with your bespoke garden. With the right planning and by setting the right expectations, you will soon have a lush and flourishing bed of flowers or vegetables!

Article Provided By Floral & Hardy Gardens